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Services, Rates, & Policies  




Our Rates For Pet Sitting In Your Home
You can call Juli at 612-804-8811 for a current rate quote.
  • A surcharge of $20.00 per day applies for the following holidays:

    • New Year's Eve Day

    • New Year's Day

    • Memorial Day

    • 4th of July Day

    • Labor Day

    • Thanksgiving Day

    • The day after Thanksgiving

    • Christmas Eve Day

    • Christmas Day

  • There is a charge of $20.00 per trip for picking up and/or returning your house keys.

In your home care:
Pet care starting at $24.00 per visit based on location. You must call for exact quote. 612.804.8811  Multiple pets and additional time will be calculated at the time of the quote.

Boarding fees starting at:

Small Animals

Day Care fees starting at:

Small Animals


  • Dogs must not have shown any previous aggressive behavior, and must get along with other pets and children. All pets must be well behaved.
  • Up to approximately 50 lbs. or up to approximately 26 inches  at the shoulder.  Larger dogs will be given consideration if well behaved. Call for information.
  • Transportation to vet or groomer - based on location, call for quote.

Extra fees may apply for:
  • Puppy pads, belly band, extra food, excess toys, other incidentals, kitty litter, or for repair of damage to my home or yard; required for the care of your pet in my home.
  • Boarding pets must be picked up by noon on last day, or a full day of boarding will be charged.
  • Drop-off  and Pick-up times - 7 am to 7 pm. I do my best to accommodate your schedule, but please try to adhere to the  drop-off and pick-up times that you set. Late fee of $20.00 may be applied.
  • All pets must have current vaccination certificate on file. Rabies, distemper, etc. Bordatella is required for any dog.
  • Puppies that are not housebroken will be assessed an additional fee.
  • All pets must be healthy. If a pet is currently on medication, I need a certificate from your vet that the illness is not in the contagious stage. (see Boarding Intake Form)


  • Mandatory travel charge, starting at $35.00
  • Fees calculated on an individual basis ranging from $15.00 - $50.00
  • Grooming fees depend on:
    • bird species
    • bird temperament
    • services requested
    • location of grooming, my home or yours.


Additional Services

  • Reliable avian DNA sex testing.  All we need to test for the gender of your parrot is a small spot of blood taken from a clipped toenail.  The blood sample is sent to Zoogen Incorporated, a veterinarian-recommended laboratory, and the results are typically available within 3 to 4 days after they receive the sample.  $35.00 if you bring your parrot to Juli Sands; travel charges apply is you wish her to come to your home.   Call 612-804-8811 for more information.
  • Dog and cat bathing.  Including bath, brush, ear cleaning, nail trims, and anal gland express if applicable. $30.00 - $75.00
  • PROFESSIONAL PET ADVICE. Via phone, email, Facebook, in person, etc. Ask for quote.
  • Pick-up and Drop-off  Services - based on location, call for quote.

Our Cancellation & Payment Policies

  • Cancellation Policy

    • Holidays--Payment in full is charged in advance of the holiday to reserve your reservation & no fund is given on amounts already collected for the holidays.

      0-72 Hrs--Payment in full is charged (no refunds on amount already collected)

    •  3-7 Days--20% of Service total is due (80% refund of amount already collected)

    • 8+ Days--No charge, refund in full

  • First time clients are required to pay their bill in full for their first pet sitting assignment at the time the paperwork is signed.

  • Payment for holidays must be made in advance.

  • We must charge sales tax for all services performed.