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Our Clients share their opinions
Pet Sitting & Boarding

The first time I called Juli Sands to ask her to babysit my 7 kitty cats, I did it with fear and trembling. My previous experiences with cat sitters had convinced me that I didn't dare to leave my kitties with cat sitters because they all seemed to be careless, unloving, or completely  incompetent. I just could not believe there was anyone  I could trust to watch my home and my kittens without the inevitable crisis arising. Soooo... I had very low expectations when I called Juli for the first time. Boy, was I a happy camper after spending several hours with Juli and her husband Tom. The thing that impressed me most was Juli's passion for animals. She is almost as bonkers over my cats as I am. And the love fest is genuine. Since that first interview several years ago, she has spent many hours in our home nurturing our fur babies and taking care of our home. She is AMAZING!!! She has gone out of her way to do extra chores  for us. She took an ailing kitty to the vet for us and nursed him as he healed. And she has helped us out with multiple issues that have arisen as we have traveled during retirement.

Better yet, the cats ADORE  her!!!   Our "stand-offish" cat has decided Juli is her buddy, and our "never-sleep-on-a-lap" cat now thinks Juli's lap is his favorite place. And I, for one, trust my cat's instincts. They love her, we love her, and we are immensely lucky to have found this wonderful, generous, affectionate lady to nurture our kitties for us when we are absent. Bottom line? .....Juli Sands is a true gift and a treasure!!

- Nancy S, Chanhassen, MN

Juli Sands has been our pet sitter and pet care taker for almost two  years now and she is extraordinary.  She treats our animals like they  are her own.  During our time away, she visits our home daily to feed  our parrots, play with them and clean their cages.  I always know that  she has done a great job by how calm and happy they are when we come  home.  She has an understanding of parrots that is rare and they love  her.  There has always been a high level of trust with Juli and I feel  very grateful to have her in our home when we're gone.  She does extra  things for us too to help out, like picking up the mail and taking out  the garbage, so there is no concern that the home will seem  unoccupied.   When it comes to our three dogs, she does an excellent  job with them  as well.  They go to her home and instantly become one  of the family.   They get treated with love and care and are also  always very happy when  we return.  Juli is a person that knows and  loves animals and has a  knack for making them feel comfortable around  her.  She is a treasure  and knowing that she is caring for our  precious animals makes us much  more secure when we are traveling and  are away from them.  I would  highly recommend Juli Sands and her pet  care services.
- Kim C, Wayzata, MN

I have used Juli and her parrot sitting services for two years since  moving to Minnesota from Florida.  It has been a pleasure  taking Charlie, my Blue and Gold Macaw, to Juli because she does such  an amazing job with her.  Charlie is always provided a large personal  cage, nutritious food, and daily interaction.  Every time I pick  Charlie up from daycare or from extended stays, it is obvious Juli has  taken great care of her.  Charlies nails are always trimmed and colors  extra bright from a bath.  Julis love of parrots and bond with Charlie  give me a true peace of mind.  When I have to board Charlie, I know  she is always in good hands with Juli.  I highly recommend Julis  services for other parrot owners in search of an excellent "parrot  nanny."  
-  Jeffrey B, Excelsior, MN

My wife and I had planned a last minute trip to St. Louis Missouri to see some family. We were just going to be gone for the weekend, but we still wanted someone to check in on our Sunday Conure, Waldo, and our two cats Bean and Burrito. I remembered that Juli and Kim had stated Parrot Nannies and we thought this would be a good time to give them a try. WOW, what a great experience we had. Juli does not live far, so she was able to work in a couple of visits a day to see how everyone was doing.

This is a great service, I wish we had more opportunity to use them; however, it is nice to know they are a phone call away.
- Gregg K., Eden Prairie, MN

 I just wanted to thank you very much for the great care that you have provided over the past several years for my 'kids' Bugsy, Sammie, and Barney (the 3 stooges!) When I am traveling, I know my birds are in excellent hands, and that is one less worry for me!  I'm just afraid that one day they won't want to come home! 
Thanks again, 
- Fred B, Eden Prairie, MN

Just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful care and love you gave our 13 year old Cockatiel while we were on vacation. I felt so good about leaving her with you and knew she would get the care she needed in our absence. I just know she had a good time in that nice big cage and with all those other birds to talk to. So glad we found you. Til next time.
- Suzanne S. and Tappie, St. Paul

"For the longest time, my husband and I weren't able to go on vacation together because of our pets. I just couldn't find nor trust anyone to take care of my fur babies. No one was good enough except me. It was very hard even when I go overseas, thinking and missing my dogs under my husband's care.

December last year, both husband and I had to go overseas together. I took a month to look around, and found Juli Sands. I took my dogs and made 2 house visits to Juli. We love her personality and her passion for animals. We also like the fact that she doesn't have young children in her house. Juli is very personable, and she talks to my dogs in the way I would talk. I am so glad to have found her! She even groom my 2 dogs during their stay. Took her more than 2 hours alone on my bigger furry huskie. She even let my 7 lb baby sleep with her. She took care of both my babies like I would.  Now we can look forward to our next trip together without worrying about my babies."
- Eileen H., Minnetonka, MN

We have a feisty mini McCaw and a challenging Congo Grey.  TPN bravely care for our babies for us when we need someone to watch over them.  Yeah…we can leave town again and not worry about the birds.  Thanks TPN
- Lynne and Jeff H., St. Paul, MN

I have left Jade ( 4 y/o black lab/blue healer) with Juli several times over the past year and have been very happy. Jade is a dog that  does not like to be left alone for too long or kenneled. And she loves constant attention. I feel much more comfortable leaving her with Juli than trying to figure out which friend or family member will take her. Jade actually wags her tail when I take her to Juli's- so I KNOW it's a good environment for her. And- it's affordable; how can you beat that?! 
- Sara B., Minneapolis, MN

"Juli is a trusted partner in assiting our family and feathered flock with their needs. Not only has she performed great boarding, grooming and bathing services in a loving manner at reasonable cost, she's also been a great source for advice and ideas on better parrot care. She shares this passion for parrots by serving as president of the Minnesota Companion Bird Association as well. I'd highly recommend Parrot Nannies for their services."
- Tom C., St. Paul, MN
"Juli/Parrot Nannies have been wonderful community partners by performing an entertaining and educational bird show for my school board farewell party. She took time to allow children to meet and hold the variety of parrots and helped us all learn more about the needs and capabilities of these creatures."
- Tom C., St. Paul, MN

It adds to our enjoyment and relaxation during vacations to know that  our parrot is being cared for in a happy and safe environment. She  enjoys herself so much she's not so anxious to get into her transport  cage to come home. During her stay she has plenty of play space, toys,  a  comfy and roomy cage, other birds to interact with and Juli who gives  her hugs, loving's and a bath.
- Laura S, Minneiska, MN

My husband and I have been with the Parrot Nannies for 2 years. I happened to be fortunate enough to stumble across their web page when I needed someone to watch our 2 cats. We were new to the area, with no family or friends and Juli made us feel at ease when she came to meet us for the first time. She is professional, friendly, and willing to go above and beyond expectations. Most importantly, she takes care of and loves our cats as if they were her own.
- Annette C., Eden Prairie, MN

We loved the Bird Show! Our tenants talked about the show for many days after. It was great to see all of them smile so much! Thanks for the great show!
- Oak Meadows Senior Living, Megan S., Oakdale, MN

Parrots and kids a cocktail for disaster?

Not with Passionate About Parrots bird show! For my son's 11th birthday party we hired Juli Sands; president and professional bird trainer to share the delights and talents of her feathered friends with the kids and adults. We could not have been happier, even a child who was frightened of birds ended up holding one of the birds, (for along time). Juli handled the birds and kids with finesse. My sons birthday was a smashing success to be talked about for years afterwords. It was the chance of a lifetime to have a professional fun hands-on gathering with these amazing entertaining flying jewels. Next time we will sign up for the video and still photo package as well!! Thank you for the stellar parrot birthday party. It was worth it's weight in gold. The smiles on the kids faces where priceless and I had fun too!!
- Birthday boys Mom, Alison J., Minneapolis, MN

Of all the good things I could share about Parrot Nannies, the most telling for me is that I don’t worry about Gabby or Louie when Juli and Kim are sitting for them.  I know they’re getting the best care and attention possible.
- Pam R., St Paul, MN